May Sum Buffet Restaurant
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Starters - Soups and Extras - Main Meals - Desserts and Salads

Prawn Crackers
Chicken/Prawn on Toast
Salt n Pepper Chicken Wings / Spare Ribs
B.B.Q Spare Ribs
Sweet Cantonese Pork Chops
Sui Mei
Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls (V)
Crispy Onion Rings (V)
Crispy Won Tons
Crab Claws in Bread Crumbs
Crispy Seaweed (V)
Vegetable Curry Samosa (V)
Salt n Pepper Potatoes (V)

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Chicken and Sweetcorn
Hot and Sour (V)
Won Tun
Egg Fried Rice (V)
Yeung Chow Fried Rice
Boiled Rice (V)
Fried Soft Noodles (V)
Crispy Noodles (V)
Vermicelli (V)
Chips (V)

Sauces - Curry / Sweet n Sour Chilli (V)
Aubergines in Spicy Sichuan Sauce (V)
Mushroom, Onion And Gravy (V)

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Fried Pak Choy In Garlic Sauce (V)
Cantonese Roast Duck
Aromatic Duck and Chicken
Crispy Belly Pork
Chinese Roast Chicken
Mussels In Black Bean Sauce
Curry Beef Brisket
Chicken in Thai Green Curry
Sweet Crispy Shredded Pork in Peking Sauce
King Prawn in Thai Tom Yum Sauce
Stuffed Mushrooms with Chicken

Salt n Pepper Squid
Sweet n Sour Chicken
Chicken Curry
Tofu in Spicy Sichuan Sauce (V)
Japanese Sushi
Stir-Fried Broccoli n Cauliflower in Garlic Sauce (V)
Vegetable Foo Yong (V)


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Desserts AND Salads
Chicken Caesar Salad
Vietnamese Salad (V)
Oriental Salad (V)
Coleslaw (V)
Bolognese Pasta (V)
Pickled Vegetables (V)
Potato salad (V)
Banana Fritters (V)
Chocolate Gateau (V)
Strawberry Cheese Cake (V)
Toffee Cheese Cake (V)
Strawberry / Raspberry Jelly (V)
Selection of Fruits (V)
Ice Cream Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Vanilla (V)

May Sum Buffet Restaurant

180 - 181 Elliot Street
St. Johns Precinct
Liverpool L1 1NH

Tel: 0151 707 6886
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