May Sum Buffet Restaurant
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In just over 6 months since it's opening, The May Sum, situated on the corner of Elliot Street, and Lime Street, has established itself as Liverpool's number one Chinese Buffet restaurant. A friendly welcome, attentive staff and opulent decor combine with a mind boggling choice of over forty mouth watering dishes to create a memorable dining out experience. A word of warning to the wise. With such a large selection of beautifully prepared and presented delicacies on offer, it can prove difficult to choose!

We suggest that you sample a little of as many meals as you can.
If you can't manage them all, and nobody has to date, don't worry, tomorrow is another day and trust us, you will be back!


Rachael Tinniswood tries a new 'all you can eat' buffet-style Chinese restaurant

The new May Sum Buffet King Restaurant on Elliott Street is a Chinese fast food joint. Everything you'd expect. It's packed, it's teeming with students, families, young children and teenagers. Normally I avoid them. I don't like the atmosphere and I don't like the disposable food. But as it's Chinese New Year, two pals and I headed into the newest Chinese in town.

The place was packed like any quickie burger bar, but that's because our Eat As Much As You Like teatime special for £8.95 is a sure-fire winner. It was packed, which can only be a good thing. So my pals and I went ahead and sat down ready to stuff ourselves silly. The restaurant itself is spotlessly clean. This is due to the waiting staff who are faultless in their eagerness to swipe any half-finished plate from under your nose practically before you have even had time to say "wait!" The tables have a marble look to them and the wooden chairs are comfortable enough.

Chinese paintings adorn the walls. Craig David plays in the background, and the pleasant hum of incessant chatter fills the room. My pals and I headed for the buffet cart where every sense was given a treat. The food looked and smelt delicious, and it really was a buffet fit for a king. ...


There were three different types of soup, numerous starters which included prawn toast, chicken wings, spare ribs, salt and pepper potatoes, main meals such as sweet and sour pork, curried chicken, beef and blackbean sauce and roast duck in oyster sauce, and extras including egg fried rice, fried soft noodles and Singapore fried rice. You could even help yourself to mixed salad, fruit salad and ice cream and jelly.

I grabbed a plate and helped myself to some of the delights on offer, starting with hot and sour soup which was made of tofu and sautéed vegetables. No complaints here. The soup was delicious with just enough vegetables for my liking and was hot enough to really taste. Add to that prawn crackers, and I almost had a tasty little meal in itself. One of my pals chose chicken and sweetcorn soup, which she assures me she thoroughly enjoyed and it certainly looked good. Within minutes I was back to the buffet, and trying not to think of the numerous hands that had been on the serving spoons before, I helped myself to a range of different dishes.

The ability to taste a variety of foods on one plate is the best thing about Chinese buffets. Taking advantage of the "all you can eat" attitude, I piled my plate high with foods such as prawn toast, crispy won ton, rice, noodles, chicken wings and chicken dishes. They were all absolutely delicious and I can particularly recommend the sweet and sour chicken and the egg fried rice which was very palatable and cooked to perfection. My pals, meanwhile, liked the tasty fried soft noodles and the beef in blackbean sauce which was pretty good quality meat. The food definitely passed the dining test. Star Rating *** (out of five)


A NEW Chinese restaurant in Liverpool has finally opened after waiting for the luckiest day to launch.

The May Sum in St John's shopping centre was ready to open in December but the manager, Danny Doctzan, consulted -a specialist fortune teller at a Chinese temple in Manchester to pick the best day to open.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Lord Mayor Cour Gerry Scott, and the Consul General of the People's Republic of China Wang Xao Xiang.

Members of the Liverpool Hung Gar Kung Fu also turned up with a traditional Chinese dragon to keel evil spirits away. Danny said: "It's great that we are finally open and it was a fantastic opening ceremony."

May Sum Buffet Restaurant

180 - 181 Elliot Street
St. Johns Precinct
Liverpool L1 1NH

Tel: 0151 707 6886
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